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Bedrock Not Mowzie’s Mobs Addon

Not Mowzie’s Mobs Addon

This addon adds a savage, untamable plant that attacks every person, animal, beast, or thing that gets close enough to it that it can attack that entity, and adds a ferocious winged snake called Nagas, and adds a huge and extremely powerful armored beast that has many combat poses.  I hope you like this addon


Netherite Wroughtnaut:

Netherite Wroughtnaut is a cool looking, huge, extremely powerful armored beast with many combat modes, impervious attacks to all sources of damage, extremely aggressive and all beings until the Armor Stand is not saved.    This armored beast possesses three attack techniques, the first where he waves his ax in a horizontal arc, and the second where he hits the ground with his foot causing an earthquake that makes all the creatures close to him fly through the air from the impact of  the impact.  And the third is where he waves his ax in a vertical arc and hangs his ax on the ground at that moment, you have to take advantage of the situation and hit him in the lower back as hard as you can and repeat the process as often as you like. He has the chance.


Savanna Foliaath:

Foliaaths appear initially inactive and non-hazardous, with only a vegetable base visible.  When anything approaches them, they reveal their heads and start attacking nearby creatures and players by biting them.  When nearby targets become invalid, they will return to their inactive and non-dangerous state.  Every time Voliath kills anything, he applies Regeneration II for 15 seconds.  When killed, the bean seeds sometimes fall off.  After killing Folia, she cuts her seeds for you.  You can sow those seeds by tapping on a piece of grass or soil, and every half day for two days, you can feed them raw meat by dropping them near them.  But after it is fully grown, it will not have mercy on you and will continue to attack you (what an ungrateful plant).


Red Naga:

Coastal cliffs are dangerous places.  The adventurers tell about the winged snakes called Nagas with amazing speed and the danger of acid poisons.  Although these Nagas are powerful, a well placed arrow can expel a survivor from the sky;  It’s time to strike when Naga prepares to attack.  Naga acid is considered deadly, but it can actually be used to neutralize other toxins.

I’m not Mowzie but I got permission from him

Original java mod link:



It is necessary to enable the experimental game!!

  • Import packages 
  • Enable the experimental game 
  • Enjoy 🙂

creator:  I’m Not Mowzie


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