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Bedrock NPC Villagers | Turn NPCs into Villagers

NPC Villagers | Turn NPCs into Villagers


If you ever wanted to place an NPC but wanted it to be a villager, you couldn’t do it. Because the NPC’s don’t have villager texture options and villagers can’t be NPC. So this texture pack will help you!

If you are a map maker, you may wanted to place an NPC, but wanted it to be a villager. Well, there is no villager texture option in NPC options, and the villagers can’t be NPC.
Well, then this texture pack can help you!

In this texture pack, there are 20 NPCs that has villager textures! They just look like a villager, but they are actually an NPC when you click on them!

This could help you if you are making a map, especially a story map.

Wandering Trader is also added, even if it’s not a villager!

In this texture pack, you have these NPC textures:
– Nitwit Villager
– Armorer Villager
– Butcher Villager
– Cartographer Villager
– Cleric Villager
– Farmer Villager
– Fisherman Villager
– Fletcher Villager
– Leatherworker Villager
– Librarian Villager
– Stone Mason Villager
– Shepherd Villager
– Toolsmith Villager
– Weaponsmith Villager
– (Unemployed) Desert Villager
– (Unemployed) Jungle Villager
– (Unemployed) Savanna Villager
– (Unemployed) Snow Villager
– (Unemployed) Swamp Villager
– (Unemployed) Taiga Villager
– Wandering Trader


This texture pack is made by Peaw, AKA zPeaw0.

You can use it.

You can edit it as how you want it.

You can’t act like you made the texture pack.

You can’t share this texture pack on other websites.

Contact me for anything via Discord: Peaw#4928


  It is so easy to set up this texture pack! When you download it, it should be came in “.mcpack” format, so it just will be imported to your game when you tap on it.

Please read the text that titled with “Important”, up here ^.

creator: Peaw


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