Nuke Tech [1.0]

A radioactive adventure begins, are you a fan of explosions and danger? Well, this addon includes in its first version a variety of items and blocks that you can obtain in your survival game to create a nuclear bomb! So be cautious, as you will be using hazardous materials …By EnderCraftDev


First of all I want to clarify to the youtubers who review this addon, that please respect the license with the terms of use of the addon, in which it is strictly forbidden to create your own links. The LICENSE.txt file is located in the addon folders (BP and RP)

Without further ado, I will show you what the addon includes…


         Uranium ore: it is generated from layer 0 to 26, and it is only obtainable with a diamond or netherite pickaxe, if you try to obtain it with another tool, you will not get it


   Anti radiation suit: This suit protects you from the radiation emitted by the uranium ore and its ingot, since if you do not equip it, the uranium will give you a poison effect level 4



Nuclear Bomb: This powerful bomb causes lethal damage in a radius of 60 blocks or more, and to activate it you must hit it 1 time with the iron hammer, and then ignite it with the pliers


Nuclear bomb explosion crater:



Now I will show you the crafting:


(You can melt the uranium ore only using blast furnace)


During future updates it is planned to add a biome, new blocks and more …

Warning: this addon is incompatible with others that edit the player.json

Turn on all experimental features.



By aadhu

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