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Bedrock Oak Woods Drop Op Item

Oak Woods Drop Op Item

Minecraft But Oak Wood Drops Op Item  And i hope you like this addon and for this addon i got the idea from your choice drop op item addon… 


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The List Of Op Items Are.

• Full set enchanted Netherite armor, weapons and tools.

• Full set enchanted diamond armor, weapons and tools.

• Enchanted apples , golden apples and golden carrot.

• Enchanted books and many chests.

• All minerals blocks

• And many more.

You can see chest loot Here–

And only oak wood drops op item not others.

And you are not allowed to :-

 Giving direct link of this addon.

• Modifying the addon and taking credit to yourself


Some bugs fixed. . . . . .      


How To Install

Step 1

Click on the link.

Step 2

Scroll down and click free access with ads.

Step 3

Click on related topics

Step 4

Click on one topic.

Step 5

Press cut button.

Step 6

Press Continue.

Step 7

Download the file.

Step 8

Import to minecraft

Step 9


Step 10 

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creator: https://www.youtube.com/c/GamerFile



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