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Bedrock Oceanite V1.0

Computer enthusiasts have reason to cheer with the launch of Bedrock Oceanite V1.0, an innovative software that promises to revolutionize all forms of underwater exploration.

This new software combines natural environment scanning and data analysis with underwater surveying, imaging and vehicle navigation technology. Oceanite V1.0 is capable of pinpointing objects hidden beneath the ocean’s surface, while accurately predicting and identifying changes to the underwater environment.

Oceanite V1.0 is the latest addition to Bedrock’s range of products. However, unlike other programs, it comes with an advanced hardware-based survey system. This helps oceanographers and engineers to quickly plot the exact positions and dimensions of any underwater objects. In addition, the software provides detailed and accurate mapping data, which can be used for further scientific exploration.

Bedrock has also designed a custom-built underwater camera to provide a detailed view of the objects seen with Oceanite V1.0. This camera is able to take photos with the highest resolution and requires no additional power.

In addition, Bedrock’s ocean analysis software monitors water quality, temperature and salinity, while also providing accurate weather forecasts and other data that may be important to sailors and explorers.

This innovative ocean exploration and analysis tool will ensure safer and easier exploration of the depths of the ocean. With its impressive array of features and advanced hardware, Bedrock Oceanite V1.0 is poised to revolutionize the way we explore the ocean.

Oceanite V1.0 [Compatible with Any Addon]


Are you looking to explore the sea and need a nice armor? Well with this addon no more problems because oceanite is for you that adds the oceanite material with which you can improve the diamond armor giving it unique properties and better protection [Gametest][1.19.51]

Oceanite Armor full:

Oceanite Armor
Oceanite Helmet

ability: breathing in water (only in water)

protection: 4

durability: 488

knockback resistance: 0% knockback resistance
enchantability: high

Oceanite Chestplate

ability: Resistance (only in water)

protection: 9

durability:  710

knockback resistance: 0% knockback resistance
enchantability: high

Oceanite Leggings

ability: immunity to mining fatigue (only in water)

protection: 7

durability:  662

knockback resistance: 0% knockback resistance
enchantability: high

Oceanite Leggins

ability: Haste (only in water)

protection: 4

durability:  577

knockback resistance: 0% knockback resistance
enchantability: high


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