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Bedrock On/Off Invisible Armour Stand

On/Off Invisible Armour Stand

With this resource pack you can turn an armour stand into invisible, giving you more ideas to decorate your builds. This is a resource pack with means you just have to add it on your global resource pack and you can use it in any world you play.


How to turn an armour stand into invisible:

First get a name tag and name it the underscore symbol (_), as you can see in the picture.

Get an armour stand and click the name tag on it.

And that’s it, you have invisible and the regular armour stand.

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Disclaimer ! ! !

1. Don’t repost this resource pack on any website
2. Don’t modify this pack (you may modify this pack, but for personal use / don’t share the modification pack)
3. If you want to review this pack on youtube, don’t share the direct link. Share this link instead :>


What kind of details are you looking for?

What kind of details are you looking for?



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