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Bedrock Open Elevator 1.0 (1.17)

Open Elevator 1.0 (1.17)

The Open Elevator addon is inspired by the Elevator in OpenBlocks. It adds an elevator that helps you teleport up and down. It is pretty simple to use and other addons work well with it. It is useful if you want to make an underground base.

-You can put this addon in any addon-pack if you credit me.

-You cannot upload this to any other website without my authorization.


You can teleport between each of them if you are below or under a elevator. Jump to teleport up, sneak and interact with it to teleport down.

The limit between each elevator is 16 blocks.(I will upgrade it in the next update)

This block needs mid-tier ressources to be crafted:8 Wool,1 Enderpearl.

This is the shape of the craft:

There can also be blocks between the elevator and it will cause no issues.

creator: MelQueen13


-Change the main description to better explain ans fit the addon 


Don’t forget to enable the experimental boxes before creating your world! 


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