Ore Blocks To Mine Add-On

Welcome to this simple addon. Now you can also try to find ore blocks in your minecraft caves, it will be another way for you to explore better in your world.


Hello, first of all, I already warned you that the addon is simple, so you don’t need to comment on it, whoever doesn’t like it doesn’t need to download it.

The idea of ​​mining ore blocks in minecraft is to have a better minecraft exploration. Soon I will add the other blocks to complement the addon, if you like it.

If you like it, visit my other 2 addons, maybe you will.


The blocks currently being mined are: Iron, Copper, Coal, Redstone, Diamond, Gold. All in their respective layers to be found.


Note: The cover image and some screenshots are hyped, so you can get an idea of ​​how the addon works in the lower layers, they will be as hard to find as normal ore blocks.




Screenshot Real:

creator: Winniee


Turn on:

– Holiday Creator Features;

– Additional Moddings Capabilities.


By aadhu

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