Ore Crops

Hello my fellow Minecrafters. We all know that if your playing with a lot of addons you just don’t have time to go mining anymore, which is why this addon adds 9 new crops each growing into its own material (Gold, Iron, Coal, Copper, Diamond, Emerald, Netherite, Lapis, Redstone).


All crafting recipes are fairly expensive but after obtaining at least one seed they become easier to craft

Crafting Recipes:

Coal Seeds

Redstone Seeds

Copper Seeds

Iron Seeds

Lapis Seeds

Gold Seeds

Diamond Seeds

Emerald Seeds


(Drops Netherite Scraps when fully grown)

Each crop has 5 stages while growing and cannot be bone-mealed to shorten growth time.

And that’s the addon, thanks for checking it out. If you do end up downloading it let me know how I could improve it and what crops you’d like to see in the future.



Take link, click the “Free Access with Adds”

Click “Discover interesting articles”, wait 15 seconds, and then click the X in the corner

Then Click Continue

Then download in the blue box

creator: UsingGold


By aadhu

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