Ore Fishes Add-on

After a huge explosion in the herobrine cave, several radioactive fish are in ore form. Enjoy and hunt them before they become extinct. Hope you have a good gaming experience.


Welcome to a new adventure in minecraft. This simple addon was created to make your minecraft pocket experience more pleasant.

After the fish mutate, 6 species of them are spread across your world. Without taking out existing species. They have their shape very similar to some very rare minecraft ores. If you want to hunt some normal fish in minecraft, you can find the ores from the same location. So while you’re going out with the other fish in the sea, you’re also going to have the ores of others.

I hope you have fun with this new addon. If you have a problem, please let us know in the comments that it will be resolved.

If you use the files or share them elsewhere, let us know.


The fishes are:

Coal Fish;

Diamond Fish;

Golden fish;

Iron Fish;

Redstone fish;

Emerald Fish.


Fishes Screenshots:


Eggs Screenshots:



Others Screenshots:


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Turn on:

– Holyday Creator Features;

-Creation Of Custom Biomes;

– Additional Moddings Capabilities.

creator: LanDay


By aadhu

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