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Bedrock Ore Flowers Add-On

Ore Flowers Add-On


This addon will help you to improve your minecraft farm through ore plants, from which ore nuggets drop with their complete phase, which you can craft new items for the game.

Ore flowers has different ore flowers, there are 6 types that will be shown in the following photos. Each one grows in a few minutes but he only drops the nuggets at the end of his level as it is in the prints.

The addon also has small swords that can improve your fight in minecraft, each with their respective damage, according to their rarity, and as they are small swords they do a little less damage than a normal sword.

Plants only grow on top of PODZOL.


Redstone Flower

Coal Flower

Emerald Flower

Golden Flower

Diamond Flower

Iron Flower


Craft Tiny Swords


Craft Flowers


creator: Winniee

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