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Have you ever thought about having an addon with different geodes in your minecraft? This addon will add this, various geodes of different ores to improve exploration and mining of your world.

This addon will add 10 different geodes to your minecraft. They will be found in different layers of the game and each with their specialties, you can find them everywhere with their respective difficulties. Below are the specifics of each geode:

Coal Geode

Geode blocks:

– Coal block;

– Stone;

– Coal Ore;

– Polished Blackstone.

– Layer 64.


Diamond Geode


Geode blocks:

– Diamond Ore;

– Deepslate Diamond;

– Calcite;

– Concrete Powder.

– Layer 20.


Emerald Geode

Geode blocks:

– Emerald Ore;

– Stone;

– Warped Hyphae;

– Warped Wart.

– Layer 20.


Iron Geode

Geode blocks:

– Iron Ore;

– Deepslate Iron Ore;

– Calcite;

– Stonebrick.

– Layer 50.


Redstone Geode

Geode blocks:

– Redstone Ore;

– Deepslate Redstone Ore;

– Quartz Block;

– Netherrack.

– Layer 35.


golden geode

Geode blocks:

– Gold Ore;

– Deepslate Gold Ore;

– Red Mushroom Block;

– Nether Gold Ore.

– Layer 30.


Copper Geode


Geode blocks:

– Copper Ore;

– Deepslate Copper Ore;

– Concrete Powder;

– Slained Hardened.

– Layer 60.


Lapis Geode

Geode blocks:

– Lapis Ore;

– Deepslate Lapis Ore;

– Concrete Powder;

– Packed Ice;

– Layer 30.


Netherite Geode

Geode blocks:

– Biome: Nether

– Magma block;


– Ancient debris/ Netherite Block;

– Nether Gold Ore;

– Glowstone;

– Above layer 30.


Quartz Geode

Geode blocks:

– Biome: Nether

– Quartz Ore;

– Stained Glass;

– Netherrack;

– Gildes Blackstone;

– Above layer 30.


– Added the Netherite/Ancient Debris Geode to v1 of the addon, found in the nether.

– Added the Quartz Geode which is also found in the nether.

– More information in the addon description

creator: Winniee

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