Ore Tree

Hello, have you ever been mining in a cave and then found it difficult to find ores? Or in the world you have run out of ores resources? Calm down now I made an Ore Tree, ready to bribe to get more ores!!!


For now Ore Tree  For now Ore Tree For now, there are only 5 types of Ore Trees, including =

  1. Iron Sapling
  2. Gold Sapling
  3. Coal Sapling
  4. Lapis Sapling
  5. Diamond Sapling

To grow it into a tree, you need bone meal to make it faster or wait for another tree to grow.

Iron Sapling Recipe:

Diamond Sapling Recipe:

Gold Sapling Recipe:

Coal Sapling Recipe:

Lapis Sapling Recipe:


The above is an example of crafting for you to make ore trees, so if you want iron sapling, you just need “OAK” sapling and craft it with iron on the side.

And below is a video tutorial about this addons:

Below are my screenshots:

And above are examples of some screenshots that I planted myself.


Later, there will be many more ores that I will add, you can also write in the comments column what you want in the next update.



In In this update I fixed some bugs, and updated the cover photo. I hope you enjoy this addons.


For those of you who want to download please!. I use mediafire to make it easier for you..

For you are prohibited from copying, publishing without credits, cheating.

creator: Dino Playz00

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