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Bedrock Ore Trees

Ore Trees [Addon compatible!]

Yes yes, another Ore Trees addon! But.. this one is pretty special! This Ores addon doesn’t just add the Vanilla ore trees. This addon is also compatible with other “ore” addons like (M)ore! Hope you enjoy it!

The Basics


And the Second thing:

All the Trees in this addon work very similar to normal Minecraft trees:
They Decay only when the entire log is broken
They can be bonemealed and can take a few times
The Leaves drop the Saplings
Each log type drops a different amount of “log chunks”

And on how to obtain the element inside the tree is just a little complicated!

You get something called “log chunk” which is if put in a 2×2 will give you the element!

However! For Netherite you will need 9

Sapling crafting:

The way on how to craft them is similar in other ore tree addons!

The first one you have to make is Coal

But after that it depends on what you want next!
With Coal you can make Amethyst or Iron or Copper! and with Copper Gold!

And then it depends on which Sapling you want

As example, for diamond and Emerald you need amethyst
And for so on!

And that is about it actually!

Here are all the Trees from:




and Village and Pillage+, Modern Machinery


creator: https://www.youtube.com/laiffoo

Now enjoy 😀


Download the addons for this addon


Experimental Gameplay features


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