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Are you bored looking for good NPCs that you can place within your world and not have to make a new pack yourself or just give up on the idea? Well, “Overly Advanced NPCs” is the pack for you. Boasting a huge amount of toggleable features of a NPC that has the player model and up to 30+ skins you can change out.

Welcome to “Overly Advanced NPCs”

An addon which prides itself of the customisation of NPCs within MCBE. There are a huge amount of toggleable options done through applying tags to an entity. From altering the entities health, base attack damage, whether its hostile or not, to even giving the entity a boss bar health display. We have it ALL here, and if we don’t? Then let me know and we will add it, if it is possible.

  • Developed by Mythicode on YT, @mythicode on Discord!


This pack was made by me, and me alone. I don’t mind you using it in your own maps, I would like to know if you do though and please do not redistribute the addon without going through the link below and don’t repost my content on other sites without permission. I have spent wayyyy too much on polishing this addon to not get anything from this so I would appreciate you going through the correct links and processes.

Thankyou, – Mythicode.


You can get the list of tags in game by doing /tag @s add npcHelp.

You can also find the entity in the creative menu as a spawn egg.


Toggleable Entity Options

Base Damage Options

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add 1dmg  (default) the entity will deal 1 base damage on hit.

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add 5dmg – the entity will deal 5 base damage on hit.

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add 10dmg – the entity will deal 10 base damage on hit.

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add 20dmg – the entity will deal 20 base damage on hit.

Note: You can apply strength for entities to be stronger, Base Damage is the damage without extra weapons or effects.

Entity Collision Options

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add notPushable  (default) the entity will not have entity or piston collision.

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add isPushable – the entity will have entity and piston collision.

Entity Scale Options

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add scale0.5 – the entity will be scaled down to 1 block.

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add scale1.0  (default) the entity will be scaled to the player height.

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add scale1.5 – the entity will be scaled up to 3 blocks.


Fun Fact: The players scale is technically 0.937, not 1.0- but 1.0 is considerably easier to remember.

Immortality Options

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add immortal  (default) the entity cannot be physically damaged.

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add mortal – the entity can be killed.

Interactable NPC Options

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add isNPC – (default) allows the NPC UI to appear on interacting, also allows changing of skins.

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add notNPC – the entity cannot change skin and does not have the NPC UI upon interacting on it.

This is toggleable in case you want just wandering NPCs in your map but them not actually do anything.

Note: If you remove the NPC component the entity will lose its name on reloading, that is an MC issue but I can make a option to toggle rename options so you can rename it with a nametag and then toggle renaming off so other people cant.

Knockback Options

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add KB – (default) the knockback of the entity is normal

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add halfKB – the knockback of the entity gets halved.

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add noKB – the knockback of the entity is nullified.

Note: This setting only works when the entity is “mortal” as you cannot deal knockback to an “immortal” entity.

Max Health Options

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add 10hp – gives the entity 10 max health or 5 hearts.


/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add 20hp – (default) gives the entity 20 max health or 10 hearts.

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add 40hp – gives the entity 40 max health or 20 hearts.

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add 100hp – gives the entity 100 max health or 50 hearts.

Note: Changing tags will fully heal the entity on change.

Movement Speed Options

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add halfSpeed – 50% slower movement speed [0.115]

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add fullSpeed – 50% faster movement speed [0.345]

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add defSpeed – (default) normal movement speed [0.23]

Technically “cantMove” should be in here, but “cantMove” is also a “mode” the entity is in and not just how fast it moves.

Name Display Options

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add showName – (default) Always shows the entities name.

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add hideName – Makes the entities name hidden unless looked at.

Note: Entity needs a nametag for this to take effect.

Patrol Mode Options

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add cantMove – (default) Makes the entity stationary.

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add neutral – Allows the entity to walk around, but not attack.

/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add defensive – The entity will attack anything that hits it and also monsters on sight.


/tag @e[c=1,type=npc:player] add hostile – The entity will attack players and monsters on sight.

  • Added the first version of the pack.
  • Player spawn egg can be found within the creative inventory.
  • By using command /tag @s add npcHelp it will now give you a help book.


Installing and Applying the pack

First, you click on the link at the bottom of the page and this will send you to a Linkvertise page.

After clicking on the link, you will be greeted with a page similar to this, you want to click “Get Decent NPCs v1″(orange button right-side)

After that you should see something like this, click on “I’m interested” and wait around 30s to be sure on that page then go back to your linkvertise page and it should say you can continue. Once clicking continue it will bring you to the next page where you will download the addon.


Now just click on the file, .zip is for the curious developers and people who want to change the skins whilst .mcaddon is for the people just want to use the pack and not go through the other troubles.


After that, click on the big “download” option and then once it has finished downloading import it into minecraft and enable “Holiday Creator Features” in your world settings when applying.

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChhoLy2eOMjPe0SINY_BBoQ



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