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Bedrock Oylura


Oylura it’s a Adventure AddOn that adds a lot of features: more Ores, Weapons, Armor, Mobs and more! There’s a lot of things for you to explore in this AddOn and more coming up soon.



If your doing a review of the AddOn remember to credit the creator (me).

you are not allowed to publish this on other websites or applications without my permission.

You CAN’T steal the code or textures of anything in this AddOn.

Enable EXPERIMENTAL features in your world options to use this AddOn!


Oylura adds a lot of new thing, lets see some of them?


Bored of the same ores? Try these new ones! i added 5 new ores in game to open your “miner experience”.


Oylura adds new creatures too! 3 new bosses, 13 new mobs and some changes on the original mobs of minecraft.

Building Blocks

The AddOn adds some new blocks to decorate your game, also some are really only for decoration.

Weapons & Tools

With new ores we need new weapons and tools too, so i made a lot! 17 new swords, 6 new Pickaxes and Axes, 8 new Battle Axes, 2 new Hoes and Shovels and a Magic Staff.


And we can’t forget the armors! 6 Full Sets, A helmet, One Crow and a costume


I retextured some things too: blocks, items, weapon and more!


There’s another features but now it’s with you! Download and explore!

creator: https://twitter.com/@TRealBl4k


Fixed the error in the middle if the King’s dialog



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