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Bedrock PANTA Blocks & Building Materials

PANTA Blocks & Building Materials

Welcome to PANTA Blocks & Building Materials. This is an addon made for building, containing 497 custom blocks and furniture and building materials. We will continue to increase the number of custom blocks with updates, hopefully this will help you with your construction. + Currently, This Addon only English and Korean are supported, and Russian and Portuguese language support is planned for the next version. 


[ How to use… ]

Be sure to turn on the experimental option. 



[ Features ]

• Various diagonal fences are added.

• Various diagonal glassPane are added. 

• Various diagonal walls are added. 

• Various vertical slabs are added. 

• Various vertical stairs are added. 

• Various building materials are added. 

• Adding all of these adds up to 496 custom blocks. 

…All these blocks can be used to build minecraft!


[ Credit – Our Minecraft Space (OMS) ]

– iMasterProX ( Resource Pack, Behavior Pack )

– minyee2913 (Behavior Pack )

…Special Thanks for 달빛의정령 루나,남식,엔로그,도휘


[ Donate ]

I ask for voluntary support for our developers.  https://www.patreon.com/ourminecraftspace  or Please buy me a cup of coffee  http://paypal.me/imasterprox


[ Contact Us ]

For more content inquiries and business partnerships with the OMS team, please contact [email protected]! (Only English and Korean are supported.)




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