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Bedrock Papa Emeritus II Boss Fight

Papa Emeritus II Boss Fight


With the Papa Emeritus II Boss Fight you can now battle against the leader of the clergy and his subordinates. Who knows what prizes might be hidden within. But beware, this battle is only for the worthy. You have been warned.

This addon includes seven new mobs which are listed below:


Emeritus II.  He can rarely be found at night and in open areas. His classy looks are not just for decoration. He sometimes likes to polish your iron ingots into something classier.


Papa Emeritus II. The head of the clergy is not someone to fool with, his inmense power and might can only be matched by those who are worth it. (He might drop a prize… might).


(Spoiler) Papa Emeritus II subordinates.

Ghoul(s). Ghouls will only appear when Papa needs them.


Rat(s): Theese filthy rodents will come for your soul.


Ever Burning Cross(es): 

Theese crosses will burn you into a crisp.


Kiss: There’s only one, and that’s more than enough.


???: I have no idea who that is… I just know that it loves cakes, milk and cookies.


How to spawn Papa:


Once you have found Emeritus II you might like to unlive him in order to fight Papa.

After unaliving Emeritus II he will drop the Papa Emeritus II spawn egg. (Why this? well, since one of his many subordinates shoots fire(spoiler), I highly recommend to fight him far away from your base and on a place with little to no vegetation. Making a temporary fire resistance base is a must, since this battle is quite hard you will need to respawn closely to where the fight takes place).

Here he is, one grumpy Papa.

This addon is inspired by the character from “The Band Ghost” “Papa Emeritus II”.


Once you have downloaded the addon, minecraft will open it for you, just enable the Resource or Behavior Pack and you are ready to go.

No experimental gameplay needed.

creator: Ceiszu162 


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