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Bedrock Path of Terror v0.1

Path of Terror v0.1

How about some decorations for your world this Halloween? It would be nice, right? A witch here, a skeleton hanging there … Terror everywhere, in every corner you see. And this is just beginning.



Halloween, a great time to scare your friends when they least expect it. A scream in a moment of tension is enough to make him flee from fear, but what if he sees the terror for himself? 

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This add-on adds 6 animated entities to give your worlds a little more atmosphere.

They are all decorative in nature, but in a future version useful and much darker things will be added.

There are 6 entities that at the moment you can only access them in the creative menu.

Witch with cauldron
A kind lady who prepares dinner for us, nothing beyond …

An ordinary zombie, only it opens its mouth and emerges from the floor.


Black cat
A cute kitten who suspects that something (or someone) is coming



Sitting skeleton
He’s just resting (I think)


A strange creature that helps you take care of your crops. Don’t worry, the wind moves him, he’s not alive or anything like that. Still be careful

Hanging skeleton
This guy was blown away when he knew he would be in this snap. He now works as a wall ornament

In order to use this add-on you must activate these options

Enjoy this plugin. Much more will be added to it as soon as possible.

Any opinion is welcome


🔥 HOW TO INSTALL ADDON? (.mcaddon) 🔥

  • 1- Download .mcaddon
  • 2- Open the file and wait for it to automatically import into Minecraft
  • 3- Activate the resource pack and behaviors in your world.


🔥 HOW TO INSTALL TEXTURE and Behavior? (.mcpack) 🔥

  • 1- Download .mcpack
  • 2- Open the file and wait for it to automatically import into Minecraft
  • 3- Activate the resource pack in your world.



If you can’t open the file, you’ll need to download a file explorer from your store.

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