Paths+ (Version 1.0)

Paths+ will turn your Minecraft world into a much more beautiful place!! Decorate your world with 11 new paths and make your world a place it has never been!!! You can also combine it with my other Addons!!


Paths+ ads 11 Paths to your world!!
It ads one path of every Woodtype in the game to decorate your world!

It also ads an Andesite Path:

a Stone Path

and a Brick Path


You can also combine it with my other Addons, like my Bridge Addon:


You are allowed to:

  • Record as many videos about the addon as you want or just play and have fun.
    (But don’t forget to give me credit)

You are not allowed to:

  • Publish the addon as your own
  • Reuse any of my textures, models or sound files
  • Create your own links and make profit of it

(Always use the link to this page when sharing)



Changed link to download the Addon!!
Hope you have really much fun!!


Linkvertise Download Description

1. Click Download Addon

2. Click check mark box “i’m not a robot”

3. Wait 5 Second and click “Free Access with ads”

4. Click “Discover Article”-> wait 10 second’s -> close by “X”

5. Click “Continue”

6. Scroll down and click “Download”

Activate these Features!!



By aadhu

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