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Bedrock Pet Furniture 1.18.10

Pet Furniture 1.18.10

 Pet Furniture is an addon that adds a repertoire of furniture dedicated to dogs or cats. The addon has approximately 29 blocks What is it about? The addon is a collection of pet furniture, it brings many types of furniture such as pet beds, pet doors, kennels, scratchers, feeders and much more! How is it acquired? It is mainly acquired by putting a clay block in a stonecutter, once placed you will be able to see the craftable blocks. How is it used? for some blocks such as doors you have to place the door on the block above where you want the door and for cat scratchers it is advisable to test their collisions before placing a cat (to know where to aim)


All the blocks

How to get it?


To be able to acquire it in creative it can be acquired as in survival but even so if you write in the chat / das @p pf: (select the block) 


In survival you can acquire it by putting a block of clay in a stone cutter.

Block types

Dog kennels

Pet gate


Ways to use the blocks


creator: Trotamundos872



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