Phantom Armor, Tools, and Whip Addon!《Compatible with Any Addon》‎‎‎


🔹This addon adds a new set of Phantom Armor that makes you completely invisible when you aren’t running, and a whip to push mobs away!🔹



This addon should be compatible with any other active addons. (Does not use player.json!)


Make sure to turn on “Holiday Creator Features” AND “Experimental Molang Features!”


–– Preview of the Phantom Armor ––

 The armor makes you completely invisible! 


This addon includes:


|———- Phantom Items Recipes! ———-|

How to craft Phantom Cloth:


Phantom Cloth



Armor Recipes:


Phantom Hood

Phantom Cloak

Phantom Leggings

Phantom Boots



 Tool Recipes:


Phantom Whip

Phantom Sword

Phantom Pickaxe

Phantom Axe

Phantom Shovel

Phantom Hoe

|———- New Repairs! ———-|

Phantom Armor & Tool Repairs:


*All Phantom armor, Phantom tools, and the Phantom Whip will be repairable with Phantom Cloth, Phantom Membranes, and Bones with an anvil*



Phantom Cloth: Repairs 100% durability



Phantom Membranes: Repairs 33% durability



Bones: Repairs 12.5% durability



Same Item: Repairs 5% + other item’s durability


|———- Phantom Armor Stats! ———-|

Phantom Armor Stats and Abilities:


**A full set of Phantom armor is required to activate the Phantom armor’s special abilities**


 1. Makes both you and the armor invisible! 

– The invisibility wears off after a few seconds of running. 
(Walk or crouch to stay invisible)

*The invis effect icon shows when your invis is about to wear out*
*does not make weapons invisible*



2. Gain the ability to activate the slow falling effect by crouching in mid-air!



Phantom Hood: 2 bars of protection, 182 durability when equipped
In comparison, Iron Helmet has: 2 bars of protection, 165 durability when equipped



Phantom Cloak: 4 bars of protection, 264 durability when equipped
Iron Chestplate: 6 bars of protection, 240 durability when equipped



Phantom Leggings: 3 bars of protection, 248 durability when equipped
Iron Leggings: 5 bars of protection, 225 durability when equipped



Phantom Boots: 1 bars of protection, 215 durability when equipped
Iron Boots: 2 bars of protection, 195 durability when equipped

|———- Phantom / Bone Tools Stats! ———-|

Phantom Tools / Bone Tools Stats:


Phantom Sword: 9 damage, 112 durability, 20 speed
Iron Sword: 6 damage, 250 durability, 15 speed



Phantom Pickaxe: 3 damage, 780 durability, 11 speed (Breaks the same blocks as an iron pickaxe)
Iron Pickaxe: 4 damage, 250 durability, 6 speed 



Phantom Axe: 4 damage, 780 durability, 11 speed
Iron Axe: 5 damage, 250 durability, 6 speed 



Phantom Shovel: 2 damage, 780 durability, 11 speed
Iron Shovel: 3 damage, 250 durability, 6 speed 



Phantom Hoe: 3 damage, 780 durability, 11 speed
Iron Hoe: 4 damage, 250 durability, 6 speed 

|———- Phantom Whip Stats! ———-|

Phantom Whip Stats:


Phantom Whip: 780 durability, does not break any blocks

Normal hit (Left Click – Whip): 2 attack damage 


Whip (Right Click – Whip):
– 7 attack damage (single target)
 uses 0.5 durability
 0.75 second charge, 1.04 second cooldown

– The whip knocks mobs back 3 blocks and has a range of 10 blocks

– Able to destroy projectiles (snowballs, arrows, potions, etc.)

|———- 3D Models! ———-|

3D Models:



Full set of Phantom Armor and Phantom sword equipped



Full set of Phantom Armor and Phantom Whip equipped



Full set of Phantom Armor only


Where to find the items:


🔹Enjoy the addon!🔹

This cinematic video shows a great way to use the Phantom armor!

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Turn on both Holiday Creator Features and Molang Features, and make sure you apply both the Behavior and Resource packs!


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