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Bedrock Philippine Army – 3D Gun Warpack

The Bedrock Philippine Army – 3D Gun Warpack is an innovative package designed to bring the armed forces of the Philippines into the 21st century. By making the armed forces more technological and modern, they can better protect the citizens of the nation.

The Bedrock Philippine Army – 3D Gun Warpack is comprised of several different components. The first component is the 3D Hub. This is the heart of the package, and it provides a user-friendly way for commanders to control, manage, and monitor their troops. It also provides a secure online portal for military personnel on the ground, giving them access to the latest news, information, and updates.

The second component is the 3D Gun War Pack. This package includes a full set of 3D gun models and virtual battlefields that provide realistic simulations of real-life combat. This allows commanders to be better prepared for any situation they may encounter, as well as helping troops to train in different scenarios.

Finally, the third component of the package is the Bedrock Tactical Intelligence Center. This is a sophisticated system that helps commanders visualize their troops in the field. It also provides real-time monitoring of their operational environment, giving them the information needed to make well-informed decisions quickly.

The Bedrock Philippine Army – 3D Gun Warpack is a groundbreaking package that can help the military of the Philippines become more efficient and effective as it defends its citizens. With the help of this package, the armed forces can better secure the nation, and be better equipped to combat any enemy that may threaten its citizens.

Philippine Army – 3D Gun Warpack


Guns, armor, uniforms, and other essentials that will aid you are here! – This pack is centered around the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The items in the pack include eight detailed 3d guns, two uniforms, and a flag post that represents the Philippines. More weapons and vehicles will be coming soon.

This warpack is centered around the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The guns in this pack are based with realism in mind, with the sounds, animations, and models.

Unlike most 3d gun packs, this one works very well in multiplayer, does not suffer extreme lag spikes with frequent crashes, and changing player skin is attainable, and wont overload your device with lag.

The gear and weapons in this pack are accurate to the gear used by the real life AFP . Some of the firearms are old, like the M3 grease gun, some are upgraded older firearms like the MSSR, and some are newer modern firearms like the R4a3 carbine.

Here is a wall with the icons for the gear and firearms (old uniform not in photo)

Field stripped m16a1 rifle (same rifle used by GIs in the Vietnam War)

Soldier with Daewoo k3 light machine gun 

Daewoo K3 being fired


M16a1 being fired

Function Commands

USE /function help to get extra info on the pack

USE /function allguns to get all firearms

USE /function allammo to get all magazines

USE /function clearlag to kill all bullet entities



By downloading this pack, you agree to our End User License Agreement. This means you are not allowed to copy and upload our pack, pack code, or any assets in this pack without permission from ArsenalCraft Studios. Read the full version in res pack folder

Make sure to credit when making a showcase video, thanks



Enable these experiments for the pack to work ingame

creator: https://twitter.com/ArsenalCraft_


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