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Pie Plus

You ever just want to eat a pie in Minecraft. There is is always just the same pumpkin pie. Well worry not because I made more pies for your stomach.


The pies:

There are 5 new types of pie and I may add new ones. The recipes are just the pumpkin pie recipe but with a different item other than pumpkin.

Apple Pie


The apple pie is just like a normal pumpkin pie but apple instead of pumpkin. No difference.

Carrot Pie


The carrot pie is just like a normal pumpkin pie but carrot instead of pumpkin. No difference.

Golden Apple Pie


The golden apple pie is the same as a golden apple but the regeneration lasts longer and is more powerful.

Honey Pie


The honey pie is a bit different than the other pies. It is a bit faster to eat and it fills a little less hunger.

Watermelon Pie


The watermelon pie is just like the other pies. But watermelon.

ChickenPot Pie

Same saturation as chicken. Fills more hunger than chicken.

Golden Carrot Pie

Same saturation as golden carrots. Fills more hunger than golden carrots.


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