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Build your own army of cute little plants and take over the world! Based on the popular, (maybe not so popular) Pikmin saga, this addon brings these cute little soldiers to your Minecraft world. With a highly polished IA and easy controls, these little fellas will make your life easier and give you a companion, an addon that both fans and not-so fans of Pikmin will enjoy.



If you speak English please ignore the note below, is for those who just speak Spanish but are interested in this addon.

Nota para hispanohablantes

Este addon cuenta con traducción al español y una guía en el juego sobre el mismo, si no sabes ingles puedes usarla para conocer cada detalle del addon.

Now, lets start


Now, before getting any Pikmin you must find an onion first (this is what they are called in the games, I know they don’t look like onions). Onions are generated trapped inside structures around the world, as you can see in the video above, you must free them and tame them with sugar. Then take them to a safe place and sit them. You can call them with a whistle to make the go to your exact position if you need them on a speciic place.Once you do that make a mob walk nearby or throw a Pellet (more details on that later) so the onion can absorb it and produce seeds. Onions produce half a seed per each 4 hp the mob had when absorbed, or the same number of seeds the pellet marked with its number.


Then wait for the seeds to grow or use bone meal, interact with it and you’ll get a Pikmin per each seed. Each onion produces Pikmin of a specific type, yellow onions give yellow Pikmin, red gives red and so. You can also store Pikmin inside an onion, if you drop a Pikmin in your inventory as an item nearby an onion of its color they go to the onion, this starts a colony (more details on that below), but using a Pikmin whistle, craftable like you can see below, in the onion, the Pikmin will stay inside, to take them out just sneak and interact with the onion, all of this is shown in-game on the video above, so watch that if you have questions.


Basic Pikmin Commands and Behavior


Pikmin are really easy to use, you just have to throw them basically, depending of where you throw them is what they do. Throw them at an item and they’ll bring it to you, throw them at an enemy and they’ll attack it, they even stick to the enemy if you aim well, once they finish their task, or if there´s nothing where you threw them, they come back to you in their own, or you can call them back using the same whistle I showed you above. Here is the recipe again if you missed it

If you throw them while sneaking they’ll enter “Follow Mode”. In this mode, they follow you and stick around instead of going to your inventory until you call them back with a whistle or sneak and interact with them. In follow mode they attack everything you attack or try to attack you, and also bring nearby items to you, all of this without the need of any instruction, this is basically the “auto mode”, if you don’t want to throw them every time.

Now, general info about Pikmin, all Pikmin regenerate have a permanent regeneration effect, and most of them have 8 hp and deal 2 damage with some exceptions. Despite their low health, they are good fighters, since they avoid creeper explosions, and run away fo the enemy if they have low health, returning to your inventory or waiting until they have full health again to end the fight if they are in follow mode. Even so, Pikmin have some serious weaknesses, because of their little size they can drown easily, and all except the blue ones are unable to swim, needing the player’s help to get out of the water, also, Pikmin freak out when they are burning or get poisoned, running around without control until the poison/fire passes or the player calls them back, you can call only panicked Pikmin sneaking while you use your whistle, so you don’t make all your army return for a few Pikmin in danger, as I before, all of this can be better seen on the video above.

Lost Pikmins

If you try to drop a Pikmin as an item, instead of the item the Pikmin themselves is dropped, this also happens if an item frame with Pikmin breaks or something similar happens, when this happens the Pikmin is considered “lost”, and stars finding a safe place, if there´s an onion nearby it goes to the onion, if not a player can call it on survival with a whistle, there’s another way for a Pikmin to become lost but will discuss it later.


Pikmin Types

Now, there are different types of Pikmin, each one with its own abilities and special interactions, some Pikmin are better for some task than others, so is important to know how to use them.

Blue Pikmin

The most simple straightforward Pikmin, this Pikmin is the only one capable of swim and breathing underwater, they aren’t slowed down by the water when thrown unlike other projectiles, and can match the player’s swimming speed. These are meant to be used mostly on water, but that doesn’t mean they are useless outside underwater exploration, they can rescue Pikmin that are drowning if you throw them at drowning Pikmin, and are good and making other tasks too.

Red Pikmin


The same as blue Pikmin but with fire and lava, these Pikmin are immune to hot in general, and can walk over lava-like striders, being ideal to fight in places with any of these dangers, or just against any enemy capable of burning your other Pikmin. Apart from that, red Pikmin deal 3 damage per hit instead of 2, which could not sound as much but scales quickly with the more Pikmin are fighting. This is kinda obvious but they can recover your netherite stuff from the lava if you die in the nether.

Yellow Pikmin


Yellow Pikmin are the trickier ones to use, start they are lighter than other Pikmin, so they can reach further places and are easier to aim, this makes them ideal to fight airborne enemies, such as vexes, phantoms, and even blazes (if you don’t mind the possibility that the Pikmin could fall in lava). Apart from this, yellow Pikmin are capable of conducting electricity, which gives them some abilities, first, they glow and emit light, even when held, being a portable light source, they are immune to lightning bolts, and its trickier ability, they can attack with electric sparks both when throw and hitting an enemy, this spark deals area damage to all entities except other Pikmin and players with at least 1 yellow Pikmin on their inventories, even if the damage and are small, this attack can spread across other yellow Pikmin nearby, increasing in both damage and area with the more yellow Pikmin are nearby, this attack can also trigger lightning bolt related interactions, such as transform pigs into zombified piggins, charge creepers and so, a safe way to do this is throwing the Pikmin nearby the entity while sneaking, so it doesn’t attacks it directly, this can be a better way of triggering such interactions than use lightning rods or tridents since it’s available all the time.

Colonies, Pellet Posies and Auto-Farming


When a lost Pikmin reach an onion they start living there, this is how a colony is made, Pikmin from colonies wander around the onion during the day and go inside of it during the night. If the onion is yours you can make all Pikmin stay inside by using your whistle on the onion and do it again to allow them to go outside. They’ll also enter the onion if you make it start following you, so, you can actually move the entire colony if you want. 

Pikmin from colonies are attacked and attack all mobs that are hostile to the layer, with the exception of creepers, and can unplug grown Pikmin seeds, which will join the colony, if the onion is yours you can use this new Pikmin later, saving you the work to manually harvest the seeds. A maximum of 20 Pikmin cna be outside the onion per colony, all new ones will stay inside the onion, this is to prevent lag for having too many entities.

The main purpose of Pikmin colonies, outside of letting the little fellas live their lives, is automatic Pikmin farms, for this, you will need a constant supply of food for the onion, wich can be either a mob farm, or pellet posies.

Pellet Posies



Pellets are an alternative way of feeding onions to make the produce seeds, these grow from pellet posies, which can be found all around the world. As a plant with four leaves pointing up. When given enough bone meal or time they grow a pellet, that can be harvested by trowing a Pikmin of its color. If left long enough the pellets can grow bigger.



If a pellet is dropped nearby an onion of its same color, the onion will absorb it, creating the same amount of seed the pellet indicates. Pellet posies can be harvested by Pikmin from colonies, which will take them to their onion to produce more seeds. Since Pikmin can also harvest grown Pikmin seeds of the same type, all you need to make a Pikmin farm is to leave some pellet posies nearby a colony and wait, with time you’ll get more and more Pikmin.



Since this addon its a bit complex I created an in-game guide, you’ll reacive this upon entering the world, but can also be crafted with a book and a sapling, there every aspect of the addon is explained, in case you need to consult something, you can eather find a section manually or hit an entity with the book to open its related section

Installation requirements

-Activate all experimental features, otherwise, the addon won’t work

-If you stack too many pellets the model will bug, to prevent this use this resource pack, this happens because of a change Mojang made to custom blocks, there’s nothing I can do sadly


Future Plans and Know Issues

-Pellet posies generate over block they shouldn’t, like water, this will be fixed for the final version

-Fences try to connect to yellow Pikmin when this passes nearby

-The white Pikmin is incomplete, and unobtainable in survival

-I’m gonna add all types of Pikmin from the games, but for now there are no plans for adding enemies from the games, I’d like to do it anyway if I see people like this addon




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