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Pirate Add-on

Have you dream of being a pirate? Sailing the high seas with big ships, shooting pirate with a flintlock pistol or slashing skeleton pirate with your cutlass? Well this add-on got you covered


This add-on add something as small as a new sword to a whole new ship to use
Let’s start from the ship
New 3 category ship have been added with over 6 Variants as well as bunch of pirate theme mob like pirate, bounty hunter, imperial etc.


Screenshot with multiple variants

A raft is small but durable ship, it’s could only carry 1 person but have a storage ability of 12 slots

Recipe to make:


Screenshot with multiple variants:

Basically an upgraded version of Minecraft base boat carry 2 person no storage ability easier to use

Recipe to make (just replaced it with wood variants you want) 

Frigate ship

A really big ship it’s have a storage ability of 27 slots and a very fast speed recommended for long range trip
Screenshot with multiple variants( too big couldn’t fit all) 

Recipe to make:(just replaced it with wood variants you want) 



Currently each faction only have 2 mob more variants with unique attributes coming in next update
Each faction have it own ship they can use to attack their enemy

Bounty hunter

A hunter, they will kill any pirate and hostile mob, they are hireable with most cooked food


An imperial soldier they will kill any pirate on sight and some hostile mob


A sea bandit sail over the high seas with their ship and look for any loot they can find

Undead pirate

A undead joined the pirate to conquer the seas

Treasure crate

Treasure crate are crate that spawn in the ocean to give you extra loot,within period of time treasure crate will be destroyed automatically dropping the loot on the ocean

Here are the loot

Iron : material such as stone, wood, and mineral from iron to diamond

Gold : drop gold items

Diamond : drop armor rarity from leather to netherite

Emerald : drop emerald items


Cutlass sword have 45% more damage than the usual sword you can also dual wield it by putting one in offhand although it’s just for cosmetic because you can’t really use it in offhand

Iron cutlass 
Durability : 251
Damage point : 10,15
Gold cutlass 
Durability : 33
Damage point : 7,25
Diamond cutlass 
Durability : 1562
Damage point : 11,6
Netherite cutlass 
Durability : 2032
Damage point : 13,05


A small paddle used to make rowboat but also can be used as a weapon
Durability : 347
Damage points : 5

Flintlock pistol
A small pistol used in the pirate era, will accompany you on your pirate journey dropped by the new mob [currently have infinite ammo, will fix it once I know how]Damage point : 12

A small version of the tnt you can throw
Craftable with tnt
Damage points : 3
Explosion size : 1,5
Recipe to make :


There is plenty of armor drop by the enemy
Here are they

Pirate outfit
Pirate bandana
Durability : 156
Defense points : 3
Pirate shirt
Durability : 156
Defense points : 5
Pirate pants
Durability : 156
Defense points : 4

Bounty hunter outfit
Bounty hunter hat
Durability : 245
Defense points : 4
Bounty hunter shirt
Durability : 245
Defense points : 6
Bounty hunter pants
Durability : 245
Defense points : 5

Imperial outfit
Imperial hat
Durability : 243
Defense points : 4
Imperial shirt
Durability : 243
Defense points : 6
Imperial pants
Durability : 243
Defense points : 5

Pirate legend outfit
Pirate legend hat
Durability : 347
Defense points : 6
Pirate legend shirt
Durability : 347
Defense points : 8
Pirate legend pants
Durability : 347
Defense points : 7

Pirate captain outfit
Pirate captain hat
Durability : 332
Defense points : 5
Pirate captain shirt
Durability : 332
Defense points : 7
Pirate captain pants
Durability : 332
Defense points : 6

And many more things!!! 

creator: Astrokylo1

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