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Bedrock Player Teleporter (Gametest Framework)

Player Teleporter (Gametest Framework)

Player Teleporter is a concept of Hive’s spectating item to make spectating easier! It is useful for admins so that they don’t have to open chat and type long player names!

How to use Player Teleporter?

• Find the item named “Player Teleporter” with a compass icon in the Items/Nature Category 

• If you are in PC, right click the item and it shows a popup UI with a list of players to teleport to. If you are in Mobile, hold/long press the screen 


What happens when I’m the only one in the world?

• It replies you an error with given example below:


How does it work?

• Turn on experiments to make the pack works


Bugs? Errors? Not working? Contact me at this Discord Server: https://discord.gg/txV7AFmkJ5

creator: Sugger

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