Bedrock Poggy’s World Generation is an open source world generator for Minecraft. Developed by Poggy’s World Generation Team, it provides an exciting new method of world generation for players of Minecraft.

Bedrock Poggy’s World Generation is a two-stage, procedural engine, which allows the user to customize how their map is generated. The process begins with a biased terrain map, which is adjustable in both size and complexity. The user can choose a number of biome distributions, as well as a series of settings to configure the terrain. This stage defines the height and type of blocks which will compose the final map.

The second stage of the process focuses on the generation of objects. This is where players can control the inclusion of specific structures, or even add custom structures. There are several categories of objects that are generated, ranging from trees, rivers, and villages to cacti, monsters, and terrain features. The engine also supports custom resource packs for a truly unique world.

In addition to customizing the overall generation process, players can also make small tweaks to the maps that have been generated. There are several tools available to customize the environment, from grass and tree location to mob spawning. This further enables players to create unique and immersive worlds.

Bedrock Poggy’s World Generation is an exciting new engine for world generation in Minecraft; providing players with an unprecedented level of control and customization. With its two-stage process and adjustable settings, players can create dynamic and immersive in-game experiences.

Poggy’s World Generation


Ever wanted the world generation from Better on Bedrock separately? This is the pack for you my friend. Explore new biome variants with taller and more natural trees. The Poggy’s World Generation offers an exciting new twist on the game’s already diverse landscape. The Add-On completely overhauls the biomes of the Overworld, introducing new biomes with different colors and terrain features. These new biomes are much more diverse and provide a much greater range of exploration opportunities than the game’s vanilla biomes.

One of the key features of the Poggy’s World Generation is the replacement of all the trees in the game with new and unique varieties. Each tree is different from the next and is specific to the biome in which it is found. This means that players must travel far and wide to discover all the different types of trees that the mod offers, adding an exciting new layer of exploration to the game.


Biomes to find:




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