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Bedrock Poison Dart Frogs – Addon

Poison Dart Frogs – Addon

You’ve gotta love the new frogs in Minecraft! Despite their fairly ridiculous sizing, they are very cute and can do some fun stuff, such as giving you a new item. But what if you wanted an extra frog? With this add-on, you can have a poison dart frog that spawns in the jungle. We hope you enjoy this new add-on!


The Poison Dart Frog is a new mob you would occasionally find spawning alone in any type of jungle biome. It behaves like the normal frog but there are some differences, for example it would poison any entity that comes nearby (except frogs and other mobs that can’t be poisoned), dealing serious damage. Keep your distance!


It hops and jumps around like the other frogs and will also feed on slimes and magma cubes with its tongue. As a bonus change, slimes can now be found in the jungle biome in a similar fashion to the swamps. You could also breed them with slimeballs and they will make frog spawn when water is nearby


However, the major difference comes in the items dropped after killing a mob. If a poison dart frog were to kill a magma cube, you will get a new froglight variant called a Malignant Froglight, which is a turquoise like colour! Note that dropping of items will not work properly if not on the beta/preview version.


If the frog were to eat a slime, you get a new item known as Corrosive Residue. You can eat it for fairly good hunger restoration, but due to the dangerous effects and weak saturation it may not be recommended…


In addition, you can put a corrosive residue in a brewing stand and it will make a 30 second duration nausea potion, which can be extended to 60 seconds with redstone. Putting a fermented spider eye in with a nausea potion will give a blindness potion.

creator: SomeoneUnimportant


Despite what it may say about the version, it’s recommended you should use this on the latest beta/preview version with “Wild Update” and the other experimental features turned on or some features won’t function properly. Also download both files or it will not work


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