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Bedrock Pokemetels Harry Potter Addon

Few franchises have left such an indelible mark on the gaming industry as Pokemetels, and Harry Potter has come to join the party. Bedrock Pokemetels Harry Potter Addon is the latest addition to the popular series, set in the majestic world of the Potterverse.

Players will embark on their very own wizarding adventure at the Hogwarts Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Choose your house, attend classes, and complete thrilling assignments with characters like Harry, Ron, and Hermione. As they progress, they’ll become fully-fledged Duellists, challenging enemies with Pokemon-style battles.

Bedrock Pokemetels Harry Potter Addon also introduces a host of new spells and magical creatures. Summon dragons, battle trolls, and explore the mysterious Forbidden Forrest. The game even includes the iconic Triwizard Tournament, the richly detailed plotline from the books.

Amidst the unique Pokemon and Harry Potter elements, the game adheres to the well-loved mechanics of the Pokemetels series. This creates an incredibly immersive experience, allowing players to fulfil the fantasy of becoming a master Duelist. Players can also explore the Hogwarts grounds, where they must solve puzzles and take on powerful monsters.

Bedrock Pokemetels Harry Potter Addon is a must-have for any Potterhead or Pokemetels fan. Full of nostalgic moments and exciting challenges, there’s something for everyone. For those seeking an extra bit of fun, a downloadable battledome is also available, perfect for sparring with friends.

Discover the delightful magic of Bedrock Pokemetels Harry Potter Addon today. Join forces with Hogwarts’ greatest witches and wizards and become a true champion.

Pokemetels Harry Potter Addon [Alpha Release]


Cast spells from harry potter like the unforgivable curse avada kedavra, battle each other wizards and witches using powerful or strategy type spells. eventually you’ll be able to be sorted into your respected house and acquire your own personal wand

This is an alpha build at the moment but i plan to add pretty much everything from harry potter such as every spell, beasts, bosses, wands and more!

At the moment there’s 5 spells, 3 you start off with which are basic cast, protego and stupefy. The other 2 are expelliarmus and avada kedavra and yes avada kedavra one shots anything.

Im looking for people that can help out with this addon, specifically, model making, animating models, scripting and texturing

[Where to find spells at the moment]

Regular spells like expelliarmus can be found rarely by killing most types of hostile mobs, curses like avada kedavra can be found by a rare chance from the warden.


At the moment theres only 1 wand which can be obtained by putting just a stick in your crafting gui


[How to Select Spells]

When you use your wand 2 arrows will pop up in hotbar, you use those arrows to cycle through your spells which then you use your wand to cast the spell

[Video showing off the avada kedavra spell]


[More info on the addon]

I plan to add much much more and this addon will be fully compatible with my fantasy addon!



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