Pokemon Morph Addon

Pokemon addon for minecraft bedrock that adds 4 pokemon that stays by your side to walk with you through the world of minecraft and has pokemon: Pikachu,Mew two, Charizard and Charmande and all pokemon have powers



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See all the pokemon that are in the addon and all of them you get automatically when you enter your minecraft world

New two

It is a Psychic-type Legendary Pokémon


is an electric type pokemon


it’s a fire type pokemon


it’s a fire type pokemon

All pokemon in minecraft badrock

The pokemon pikachu and the  new two ones you gain powers when equipped the pokemon

With this pokeball that is in the image below you will have access to all the pokemons of the addon


these are all the addon pokemons and some of them have anime powers, but to see download the addon


If it’s going to record, leave all the credits and don’t leave the medifire link, if it’s discovered, you’ll be punished

  • Now it is possible to use the pokemons of my addon anime z in minecraft bedrock

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