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Bedrock Post Apocalyptic Structures

As the world slowly recovers from the chaos and destruction of an apocalypse, many of us dream of a better tomorrow. One way to guarantee a brighter day is by constructing post-apocalyptic bedrock structures. Building with bedrock eliminates the need for foundations, allowing the structures to be made quickly with simple materials.

Bedrock structures offer many advantages to builders in post-apocalyptic societies, including the assurance of long-term stability. The strength and imperviousness of bedrock prevents the collapse of structures due to erosion and normal soil movement. This is especially beneficial in low-lying areas, such as coastal regions or desert climates, where ground shifts and changes can be more severe. The stability and strength of a bedrock structure can also protect against the pounding and battering of extreme weather events.

In addition to the strength of bedrock, post-apocalyptic builders also enjoy the incombustible benefits of constructing bedrock structures. With fast-growing and unpredictable fires consuming much of the landscape in post-apocalyptic settings, many builders are attracted to the fireproof protection of bedrock. Moreover, the high thermal mass of bedrock can also provide additional protection against such events.

The versatility of shapes and forms of a bedrock structure also offers a wide range of construction possibilities. With either the natural contours of the bedrock or the chiseled stone, builders can create curves and angles allowing for a variety of designs far greater than those of conventional structures.

Whether building a new city, a shelter, or a wall to protect against the scavenging of resources, a bedrock structure offers a long-term and secure solution for post-apocalyptic societies. With the strength and stability of a bedrock structure, as well as its resistance to fire, post-apocalyptic builders can look to the future with confidence.

Post Apocalyptic Structures


Looking for structures that fit into a post apocalyptic world? This add-on brings new structures of that style, it has everything from abandoned buildings, police stations, hospitals, a school, vehicles like cars, trucks, helicopters to bunkers that can be used to start the game.

It has a generation of structures that try to simulate a City in ruins. Everything fits perfectly. In some buildings you will find loot that will serve you in the future.

You can see some of the structures available below


Police station
Military camp
Military Helicopter 
Swat Police Car
Fire Truck
Passenger bus

Note: In the images shown, a texture pack is being used. Known as quadral. You can play it with normal Minecraft or use your own texture pack. There are also more structures inside the plugin, I invite you to find them yourself. Have fun .


For a greater experience I recommend combining the addon with some that create an apocalypse environment, it can be zombies or for example wastelander or cordyceps addon. I hope you like the addon and thanks for downloading.

I plan to add more structures over time, suggestions welcome and thanks. By Dinomasther 😀 

creator: Dinomasther



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