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Bedrock Posts 1.0.1

Posts 1.0.1

This addon adds a variety of post blocks that can be used for anything from goal posts to pipes. There are different blocks to fit for any 90° angle. From your straight line to a block of 3 intersecting lines, they’re there.


Currently there is only one colour: off white. This may be changed later. Depends on how feel.


There are 5 sections of posts:

  • 2 Poked Posts

This section has five blocks. The straight line, that can be placed in any rotation. The pole will face away from the block it is placed on, such like a log. The corners will rotate along the y-axis across from the player. There will always be a part pointing away and a part pointing to the left when placed.

The straight post is crafted with one iron ingot and two iron nuggets and each other two pointed post is made with this block in the stonecutter.

  • 3 Poked Posts

This section has six blocks. All blocks here and further on in other sections have the same rotation style as the corner blocks in the previous section.

  • 4 Poked Posts
  • 5 Poked Posts
  • 6 Poked Posts




Download. Double Click. Create a new world with whatever you want. Make sure you have Holiday Creator Features on. 

creator: dalts7


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