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Bedrock Pride Flags add-on v1.0

Pride Flags add-on v1.0

Want to show your pride? Want some cool blocks for decoration well this add-on has you covered, this addon adds a few pride flags for your buildings and bases to show your pride


This add-on has a few pride flags and are panning on adding more later 

Which all have recipes in survival mode, mostly made out of carpet (except intersex flag which uses 1 purple dye in it). All flags can be placed on the floor and the walls and can be walked through, they dont have light absorption so you could use the flags as a window cover in your base!

Information on how the flags work and crafting recipes (hetro was bugged in the clip but its fixed)





Changed the submission to be more detailed, added the trailer for the add-on in the post


Apply both behavior and resource packs and enable ALL EXPERIMENTAL SETTINGS 

Information on how the flags work and recipes (heterosexual recipe is bugged in the clip the pressure plate is actually black carpet in game)



DO NOT USE MY WORK IN YOUR ADD-ON UNLESS TALKED TO ABOUT IT (contact me on discord server link below if you want to talk about using any of my add-ons )

Or you can just join to chat


creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLG31goWut8AKoG4wDqWEmg


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