Profe’s Witch Tower Add On

Download this add-on to brave the witch tower of Minecraft. Save the captive villagers and other friends. Steal some amazing loot. But be careful!! There is danger lurking everywhere from the basement to the top floor. 


Download Profe’s Witch Tower Add-On and try to save the captives of the most dangerous structure in Minecraft. 

In this add-on for Minecraft, a witch tower generates similar to a pillager tower. It will generate in swamps and forests with about the same frequency as a pillager tower.

The witch tower is a perfect place for the adventuring type. Brave the scary basement. Fill up your potion bottles. Save the villagers, and try your best to survive the top floor. This tower is not only full of loot, but all kinds of surprises. If you feel up to it, clear it out and make it your base. 

For this add-on you do need to have on experimental gameplay (Holiday Features and Custom Biomes).

Here are some sneak peaks of the tower. The rest you will have to explore

Free the Prisoners

Steal some Loot

Careful with that top floor!!!

Generates in swamps and forests

Explore the different rooms

Save the trapped villagers!!! This one looks like he is in some sort of trouble!

Have fun exploring!!!


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