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Bedrock Profitable Cat Add-On

Profitable Cat Add-On

This addon makes cats created by you bring different items while you sleep as a gift, before they only took eight, now they take more than 200 different items and varying according to their rarity.


This addon is very simple, as the cats in the game give you gifts while you sleep and he comes to bring you a total of eight different gifts, this addon will make them take more than 200 different items close to you.

Not to be OP the items will be brought to the player only at night but varying with their rarity, the rarer items will be harder to take, however you can have 1/200 different items every night with the help of your pet cat .

It used to be difficult to have an item in the game but now it’s a little easier and you’ll have to be a little lucky to get rarer items.




Some items:

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creator: Winniee



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