Profitable Farm Add-On

Already exist on having a profitable farm? What if every farm mob could do the same thing as the chicken and they did it with rare ores from the game? This addon will do that. It will help you to evolve a little faster in the game.  


Note: We made 3 different download links, but you only choose the one you prefer. You only need one of them, there are three versions, one overpower, one normal and one for adult animals only.


Before showing more about our simple addon, visit our profile and if you want to download our old addons, it will help us a lot. We are always trying to improve for the next ones to come. If you want to give us any tips or criticism with politeness or if you like the addon, please comment.

This addon will change 3 more new farm mobs in the game: The cow, sheep and pig. It was also changed from their four offspring including the hen. The hen was not changed because we needed the eggs, with the exception of that seven mobs including the chicks were changed. Among them, their respective put items have different times. The rarer, the more time they can get.


Mobs and items respectively:

  • Cow: Diamond;
  • Cow Children: Coal;
  • Sheep: Emerald;
  • Sheep Children: Iron Nugget;
  • Pig: Copper Ingot;
  • Piglet: Raw Copper;
  • Chicken: Egg;
  • Chicken Puppy: Gold Nugget.


Note: The screenshots are what they would look like at some game time, not necessarily this will happen fast.




Note: When using this addon elsewhere, please use one of our original links.

creator: LanDay

By aadhu

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