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Bedrock ProjectPrehistoric v1.1.0

ProjectPrehistoric v1.1.0

Credits: HipmanDesignz

Project Prehistoric a Minecraft Bedrock Add-on that allows the player to revive dead dinosaurs by going underground and digging up fossils and collecting dna and genes then the player can ride the extinct animals and tame them and interact with them!


=================Project PreHistoric===================

version: 1.2.0.b5

A Minecraft Bedrock Addon that targets to bring back extinct creatures from their past!

Current Dinosaurs: as of 1.2.0.b5








Tyrannosaurus Rex

New generating ores:

Crossphite, Titanium, Aluminum, Fossil Ore

Weapons & Tools & Armor:

Crossphite set 

Titanium Set

Aluminum set

Electric Prod


these new machinery help bring back the extinct creatures! but in order to do that you must go out and collect the necessary resources like aluminum and fossils etc… all amchines can be found under the anvil tab or search it all machines can be crafted at the

Tool Workbench:

Tool Workbench Recipe:5 oak planks 2 aluminum plates 1 iron ingot

Fossil Cleaner :  when you mine fossils bring them over to this machine to clean them! you have a chance to either get a good fossil or a bad fossil

Recipe: 6 aluminum plates 2 redstone dust 1 glass plane

DNA Extractor: once you have enough good fossils come to this machine with a empty test tube and get viable dna for the next step 

Recipe for machine: 6 aluminum plates 2 redstone dust 1 stone block

Recipe for test tube: 1 glass block

Recipe for Dna: Good fossils of target dino and Empty Test Tube 

DNA Combiner: once you have enough viable dna tubes use this machine to get Viable Genes to propare for the next step in making a dinosaur

Recipe for Machine:

Recipe for Genes: viable Dna


Genes Injector: you’ve made it to the final step! all you need is a chicken egg and the genes and combine them in this machine!

Recipe for machine: 6 aluminum plates 2 iron ingots 1 redstone dust

Recipe for Egg: 

this addon also adds alot of new decoration blocks for park and exhibit  like:

Rotten logs, rock Piles, Mud Blocks

sittable benchs, mini trash cans

New metal Fences and more!

any questions? ask them on our discord server!



Follow my twitter @HipmanDesignz or join our discord for future updates, events and info on the addon!

Please use the original link if used in other sites and social media!! Including youtube!!



Please follow these steps to install correctly: 

  • to fix block geometrys please apply geo fixer res above Project Prehistorics Res
  • Download and install the mod.
  • Load it onto the map you wish to use it in.
  • Enable experimentation mode.

creator: https://twitter.com/HipmanDesignz


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