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Protection Statue


Hallo Minecrafter!!Are you scared of the Hostile Mobs outside your house? And you can’t sleep to speed up time. Want to fight but don’t have the sword and tools yet. Calm down… Now there’s the Protection Statue.

in this addons, we added 5 statues of protection. each statue has a different shape and function. we added right:

•Cat Statue

•Wolf Statue

•Llama Statue

•Steve Statue

•Iron Golem Statue 

Dense Stone

To get all the statues, you must first have a Dense Stone. The Dense Stone is made of 9 Stones in the crafting table.

Dense Stone Recipe

Put the Dense Stone into the StoneCutter and Select the statue you want to make. For other statue recipes are the same.

Cat Statue

The cat statue is a statue in the form of a cat and has the following functions:

-Repel Mobs: Phantom , Creeper

-Mobs Range: 8 Block

-Statues Type: Stone

Iron Golem statue

Iron Golem Statue is a statue in the form of an iron Golem and functions as:

-Repel Mobs: zombie

-Mobs Range: 8 block

-Statues Type:Stone

Llama Statue

Llama Statue is a statue in the form of a llama and has the following functions:

-Repel Mobs:Wolf

-Mobs Range:8 Blocks

-Statues Type:Stone

Wolf Statue

Wolf Statue is a statue in the form of a wolf and has the following functions:

-Repel Mobs:Skeleton

-Mobs Range:8 Blocks

-Statues Type:Stone

Steve Statue

Steve Statue Is a statue in the form of Steve and has a function as:

-Repel mobs:Rabit

-Mobs Range:8 Blocks

-Statues Type: Stone

Attention please, This Addons  requires experimental Toggle and To avoid Texture bugs and Geometry bugs, I suggest you download the geometry fix first.


Thank you for reading and downloading my addons, I hope you can help survival with these addons.


Forbidden toIt is forbidden to copy the code, create re-links, Editing, and stealing some code without any credit. We appreciate you 🙂


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