PTG’s Funny Death Messages! v1.0.0

Hey you, yes you reading this! I know you’ve died by trying to mine those sweet diamonds across a lava pool, then a pesky skeleton sniped you in that lava. Well mate I’ve got the perfect add-on for you! You can slowly melt in the scolding bean juice and have a chuckle with hilarious death messages! 👥 • This Add-on is completely multiplayer friendly! You can have a laugh with your best mates (or even some random kid on a Realm), with no troubles!

This add-on changes every death message to be a little more interesting and funny. This is one of my first add-ons so I hope you like it!

There’s 2 parts to my add-on, the original and the coloured version. If you don’t want to have fun and interesting colours in your death messages, then download the original. If you do, download coloured version, otherwise you can download both.

Here’s some images of the original:


And here’s some images of the coloured version:


 You can not claim my add-on as your own and redistribute it.


 If you feature/showcase my add-on, give me credit please.

• If you have any suggestions, email me: @[email protected], or message me Discord: Bedic Mag#4391



Installation Guide:

On all Devices, you should be able to just open the .mcpack file, Minecraft should automatically import it for you. However, if this hasn’t worked, try this:

  1. Change the extension from .mcpack to .zip. 
  2. Extract it.
  3. Find



By aadhu

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