PUBG Death Crate Addon

As its name suggests this addon adds the iconic death crate from the OG Battle Royale Game PUBG. The death crate appears when a player dies in-game and it serves as a container for the items that the dead player has. The implementation of this addon makes the players experience the looting system of PUBG on MCBE by the use of this addon


The Death Crate will appear when a player dies in-game no matter the cause. It has a capacity of 36 slots equal to a normal player inventory enough to contain the dead player’s items. Loot Crates or Death Crates of dead players are generally dropped near the body, but sometimes can be hidden due to foliage or terrain so keep an eye out when you kill someone on terrain with tall grasses.


You can remove the Death Crate whenever you want by simply typing 

/kill @e[type=pubg:death_crate] and the items inside it will drop on the ground.

Death Crate



In-game footage




I recommend not combining this addon with other addons that also modify the player.json because it can cause errors in-game making the addon not properly work.


Make sure to turn on Holiday Creator Features to make the addon function properly


1. Do not reupload this addon to third-party sites without my approval.


2. You can modify it but keep it only for yourself.


3. If you are going to make a showcase video of my addon use this link instead of the Mediafire link and give credits to me.


Found a bug?

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Added more details on the description to provide more info about the addon.


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