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Bedrock Quartz Tools 1.0

Quartz Tools 1.0

Hi! my name is jeroo and I am a novice addon creator, looking to learn more with the addons he makes. in this case this addon is from quartz tools (it also uses coal).


The following images show me all the tools, with their craftsmanship, what material they use, how much damage and durability they have.

Quartz Sword 

Damage: 6

Durability: 375

Heavy Quartz Sword

Damage: 8

Durability: 628

Quartz Dagger

Damage: 5

Durability: 125

Quartz Axe

Damage: 5

Durability: 375

Quartz Pickaxe

Damage: 4

Durability: 375

Quartz Shovel 

Damage: 3 

Durability: 375

Quartz Hoe 

Damage: 3

Durability: 375 

Quartz Sable

Damage: 7

Durability: 375

Coal Stick

(Used by Tools)

Coal Cross-piece 

(Used only by Quartz Sword)

Items in creative:


Changed the introducing and Main Description 

Added Quartz Tools and coal

creator: Jeroo



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