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Bedrock Quick Boots V1.0

Quick Boots V1.0


Honestly, I get super tired of trying to run around my Minecraft world. It feels like it takes forever sometimes. So I made an add-on to fix it! Welcome to quick boots: The add on that let’s you travel faster!

Ever get tired of running slowly around your Minecraft World??? Try out Quick Boots! The Add On that gets you moving!

Check out this video:  https://www.youtube.com/shorts/Teae319x5Ko

Quick Boots are crafted easily using 4 emeralds and a blaze powder:

While wearing the Quick Boots you get the speed and jump boost effects. When you remove the boots, the effects turn off. Pretty simple concept, yet so helpful!!!

I make my add ons for my own gameplay, but if this add on goes well, I’ll add more armor with different effects. I’m happy to take suggestions at [email protected]! Enjoy!!!


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