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Bedrock Ragnarok 1.0

Ragnarok 1.0


RAGNAROK is an addon that I have been developing for several months, this addon is inspired by the game god of war. This addon is designed to be used in survival preserving the classic minecraft escancy to others that it is also designed to make you feel like a god when using the weapons and armor of RAGNAROK

Armor is made with slightly expensive materials, but that’s because some are very strong. The armors are divided into INDIVIDUAL, UPGRADEABLE, COMPLETE and FULL SUIT


These armors are placed where the helmet goes, but they modify your entire appearance, if you want to be Atreus, Baldur or Thor you can use any of these armors and feel like a GOD.


These armors are very strong, and they are also complete packages of armor. The GOW pack is a god of war 2 armor pack, the Valkyrie armor pack is a full gof of war 2018 armor and just like in the game, this armor is very strong, finally the Titan pack is a reference to Marvel’s Thanos armor and is also very powerful.


This type of armor can be improved, each one is better than the previous one.

These armors are inspired by the main aspect of god of war 2018.


The armors are accommodated from less to more powerful, being that the armor in the red color is the weakest and the strongest is the one found in the green color.

It should be noted that you can combine the armor to your liking, it does not matter if you use the exile pants and the champion’s armor, but soon using a full armor package will add effects.

These armors are inspired by the armor of god of war 2018, except the armor of the champion, the skirt of the champion and the socks that are inspired by the main costume of god of war 3. It should also be noted that here are the 2 strongest armors of this addon, as in god of war 2018 the armor of Ares is the second strongest armor, but the strongest armor is that of ZEUS.




The most powerful weapons of the nine kingdoms, are a bit expensive but in the end everything will be worth it.

The claws of hades have the ability to poison the souls of the enemies around you, but with some chains you can improve the claws of hades to the CHAINS OF HADES, these are able to summon souls on the ground to attack the enemies around you.

The mythical SWORDS OF CHAOS, these weapons that Kratos has always wielded have different levels; Chaos swords in their base form have the ability to burn enemies around you and also add fire resistance, level 3 chaos swords add claws that come out of the ground to injure your enemies, and level 5 chaos swords add a shot from a fireball that does too much damage,   WILL YOU BE ABLE TO CARRY THESE WEAPONS?

Mjolnir, thor’s great hammer, the most feared weapon of the nine kingdoms, this weapon forged by the brothers Sindri and Brok is able to make you fly and fall a little slower, but the most powerful ability of the Mjolnir is to summon lightning to the enemies around you, WILL YOU BE SO STRONG TO BE ABLE TO USE THE Mjolnir?

Levian the powerful axe of Kratos, invented by the brothers Sindri and Brok to destroy Mjolnir, this axe is able to freeze your enemies, but by improving it freezes your enemies so much that for a while it begins to do damage and when you improve it again adds a shock wave to demas of freezing and damaging the enemies around you USE THIS WEAPON WITH WISDOM.

I also made some changes in the trident, since leviathan can not be launched and return I decided to change some things of the trident, to begin with it has the appearance of leviathan, it has more damage and ALSO ADD THE PROPERTIES OF THE Mjolnir, when impacting it also summons rays, BUT ARE YOU READY TO USE THIS POWERFUL WEAPON?

Also make a change in the appearance of the shield, being that it now has the appearance of the shield of god of war 2018 from the game + game.

Remember that you must activate the experimental options!!

Remember always leave credits, if you are recording a video you do not have the authorization to create your own link, use the official link of the addon on the page, and if you want to use this addon for maps you have to ask me for permission and in this way they can help me to continue updating the addon. Also remember that this addon can not be published in any addons application or addons page, this addon is exclusive and if you ignore any point you can cause problems, if the addon is respected I will continue updating it.

I hope you like it and leave me your suggestions in the comments!!! 😀


creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDt9IwDPbpkFVDEmefOnppw


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