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Bedrock Raiyon’s More Enchantments Addon

Raiyon’s More Enchantments Addon

Looking for an addon for minecraft 1.18?

Bored of the typical minecraft vanilla enchantments?

If so, this addon is for you, adding 10 new unique enchantments for armor and tools!


These new enchantments are obtained by trading with villagers

Can be found in creative together with the other enchanted books

And to use them due to limitations of minecraft bedrock it has to be on a crafting table

Scorching Heat: Mined metal ores are automatically smelted and affected by Fortune

Orb Collector: Mining any block with this enchantment will give an orb of xp

Sweeping Edge: Attacking a mob will deal area damage

Winter Aspect: When attacking a mob it will freeze it for a few seconds

Sculk Eyes: This enchantment will give you the effects of darkness and night vision.

Health Boost: This increases the maximum health, 5 hearts for each level

Burning Thorns: When receiving a hit from a mob it will burn

Drowned Step: This will increase the speed when swimming in water

Agility: This enchantment will give the effect of speed

Magma Walker: This enchantment will give you the effect of resistance to fire and you will be able to walk on the lava leaving a path of magma

In order for the addon to work correctly, the activated experiments are needed

Rules of use

If you are a content creator and you are interested in making a video of my addon, keep this in mind

Do not create links from my addon

Please do not provide the direct link


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