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Bedrock Raiyon’s Tools Expansion Addon! | More Than 100 Tools! (Compatible With Other Addons)

Raiyon’s Tools Expansion Addon! | More Than 100 Tools! (Compatible With Other Addons)

Are you looking for an addon for Minecraft 1.18? if so, you have found it! 
This addon adds just over 100 unique and special tools, tools like slime, ender, shulker, snow, portal and more!        


TNT Tools

TNT tools mine in 3×3,and hitting an entity deal area damage

Soul Tools

Soul tools will slow mobs when hit

Soul Lit Tools

Soul lit tools will slow down and burn entities when hitting them

Slime Tools

Slime tools will push mobs too far when hitting them

Shulker Tools

Shulker tools can fire shulker bullets and hitting mobs give them levitation effect

Quartz Tools

Mining with quartz tools give xp

Diorite Tools

Andesite Tools

Granite Tools

Obsidian Tools

Portal Tools

Hitting mobs with portal tools will generate a portal block in the mob

Leaves Tools

Mining with leaves tools will have the possibility of giving apples

Honey Tools

Hitting mobs with honey tools will render the mobs immobile and have a chance to spawn a bee

Glass Tools

Hitting mobs or mining with glass tools give invisibility effect

Snow Tools

Snow tools can shoot snowballs

Ender Tools

Ender tools can shoot ender pearls

Copper Tools

Amethyst Tools

Emerald Tools


In order for the addon to work correctly, the activated experiments are needed

Rules of use

If you are a content creator and you are interested in making a video of my addon, keep this in mind

Do not create links from my addon

Please do not provide the direct link

If this is not respected, I will have to use my copyright


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