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Bedrock Random Block Drops

Bedrock Random Block Drops are an exciting new development in the world of Minecraft that may be of interest to players of all ages. This new feature allows players to earn blocks randomly as they explore the world. These blocks can then be used to customize and build their own creations.

The Random Block Drops are found throughout the world, though they are most common in the Overworld. To earn these blocks, players can either mine them or use an enchanting table to get a chance to receive one. Upon killing a mob, players also have a chance to receive one. This is a significant departure from the standard playing experience of finding every block players need.

In addition to being helpful for builders, Random Block Drops can also be a great source of excitement for players. Once someone discovers a Random Block Drop, the anticipation of what will be found inside can lead to quite a bit of excitement. It can also lead to some unique challenges for players, as they must figure out a way to use the block they get.

Bedrock Random Block Drops are a significant improvement to the Minecraft experience. They allow players to customize their builds and create challenges which they then have to decide how to overcome. For those interested in having a more dynamic experience when playing, these thrilling moments should not be missed.

Random Block Drops


Random block drops is an add-on that makes every block in Minecraft drop a different item when broken. The item is chosen randomly from all possible items in the game.

The add-on works by changing the loot tables of blocks. This means that when you break a block, it will drop a different item than usual. For example, breaking a grass block might drop a diamond sword, or breaking a stone block might drop a cake.



-There are two different ways to change the items that every block drops, The first way is to just to exit your world and join again this will change the item each block drops, the second method is by using the /reload command, this will reload the scripts and change the items.


-Install the behavior pack

-Make sure to activate the experimental “Beta API” features 





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