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Bedrock Realistic Craft MCPE

Have you ever seen a modern game that has advanced features, maybe one of them is a hologram, now this time I changed the way of crafting in mcpe with additional holograms that are built step by step so that the desired block becomes.  And equipped with particles and sounds that support it.


This addons is still an early version, not too much can be crafted using the system of this addons.

some blocks that can be crafted with holograms.

Craft Block Hologram

to get the blueprint orb can be by killing, cows, sheep, pigs and chickens.





-Campfire Soul




-Brewing Stand








For now, only this block can be crafted using a hologram.


for how to craft it can be done step by step

and also like other blocks

For features and a more complete explanation, I suggest watching the video below.


Credit = Code, Texture, Model By Indarzzy.  it is forbidden to copy from this addons.  And use the link from this site as a download link if you review this addons.

Addons, textures, models created by indarzzy.  you guys don’t copy the code from this addons and don’t retexture and rename addons!

If you violate it, I will report you.


Experimental Active All.

creator: https://www.youtube.com/c/IndarZzY


How to install it, download the RP and BP versions of the addons, then click the addons file and then select the minecraft game option, it will automatically enter the minecraft game.  Then select the world that you want to install for the addons, activate all the world experiments. Also activate RP and BP then Play World


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