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Bedrock Realistic Explosions

Realistic Explosions

This add-on is trying to make the explosions in your world more realistic changing the physics of them. Custom blocks are allowed but their will not get  textures as “IMPACTED BLOCK”


                    – Warning 

Once you turn on this addon the explosions in your world will change


-Gametest Framework [TURN ON]

-Holiday Creator Features [Turn on]

-Experimental Molang Features [TURN ON]


             – KNOWLEDGE 

An impacted block is the entity that will be thrown once an explosion success. They save the current block states even if it’s a custom block

 Once an impacted block hits the ground it’ll become into its respective block again (With the same block states)

-The explosion needs to cause 2 impacted blocks as minimum to work.

If a block is not allowed (see the black list) the explosion doesn’t generate an Impacted block. It’ll simply be destroyed as usual (This also applies if the explosion doesn’t impact more than 1 block)


-There are Vanilla blocks that aren’t allowed in this add-on 

BLACK LIST: [“composter”, “snow_layer”, “crafting_table”, “loom”, “cactus”, “sand”, “unpowered_comparator”, “end_rod”, “lightning_rod”, “unpowered_repeater”, “powered_comparator”, “powered_comparator”, “monster_egg”, “undyed_shulker_box”, “trapped_chest”, “tnt”, “stonecutter_block”, “stonecutter”, “soul_campfire”, “smoker”, “dropper”, “dispenser”, “skull”, “chest”, “barrel”, “shulker_box”, “furnace”, “lit_blast_furnace”, “lit_smoker”, “bed”, “blast_furnace”, “anvil”, “beacon”, “bell”, “brewing_stand”, “camera”, “campfire”, “ender_chest”, “hopper”, “jukebox”, “redstone_wire”, “mob_spawner”, “glow_frame”, “frame”, “netherite_block”, “gravel”, “cauldron”, “scaffolding”, “lantern”, “soul_lantern”, “lectern”, “torch”, “soul_torch”, “sea_pickle”, “lever”, “cartography_table”, “fletching_table”, “smithing_table”, “tripwire_hook”, “wall_banner”, “redstone_torch”, “standing_banner”]

Custom blocks are allowed but will not have a texture as an impacted block



works with any source of explosion even if it is from another addon (Creepers, TNT,TNT MINECART, FIREBALLS, WITHER SKULLS,ETC)



As y’all know there’s a lot of blocks in Minecraft that means there’s possibility that I’ve not noticed of any block, if you see any block that have no  texture lemme know


This Addon is a gift [email protected]_SASALELE



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