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Bedrock Realistic Mob AI Behavior

Realistic Mob AI Behavior


This a must have addon to make your survival world more immersive and challenging in terms of gathering food and farming. The mobs now flee when players are near them . I made this addon because I feel finding food in this game is too easy. And it encourage player to find creative solution when hunting food. I will be adding more features in upcoming update.   




This addon will make changes to the AI behavior of the peaceful mob such as :

  • -Chicken
  • -Cow
  • -Sheep
  • -Horse
  • -Pig

The wheat and carrots will no longer lure these mobs. So in order for you to bring these mobs home you will be needing leash. Finding leash is not hard because u can kill wandering trader.


Future Plans :

In this addon I will also planning to change the food system in this game by reducing the nutrition of steak and cooked chicken.

And I will also introduce new food recipe that need to combine steaks and vegetables in order to encourage variety of farm in your base. (Beetroot especially)

 below so I can continue this idea.



All mobs stated above no longer attracted to wheat and carrots.

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creator: Sopik Addon


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